play 174x300 Top Arts and Crafts Toys for 2013 There are many different arts and crafts you can buy for a child – some are safe for all ages in terms of not being toxic if accidentally eaten, as well as the mess factor if something happens to spill – and some are just for older kids who know how to handle certain elements.  Make sure you choose appropriately.

Beads are a good choice for talented young ladies who like to create necklaces and bracelets. You can get sets of beautiful, colorful beads and let them design their own creations. The Perler Beads Jar has a multi-mix of colors and comes with 22,000 beads they can string. This is the most popular option to buy right now.  This would be one of those gifts for older kids because of the small parts.

Black or whiteboards are always lots of fun – especially if you can get the travel size to take in the car. Crayola makes a dry erase activity center that’s on the bestseller list right now – and it’s perfect for unleashing your child’s creativity.

Clay and dough are always good choices, too. You can invest in one of the top-selling Play-Dough cases of colors, or get more specific and grab a popular Melissa and Doug Shape, Model and Mold kit, which consumers rave about. Play-Dough also makes some specific sets like the Breakfast Time set or the Toolin’ Around set. But one of the cutest options on this years’ scene is the Angry Birds Softee Dough Character Maker Set, which lets your child make dough-like characters that resemble the Angry Birds popular game.

Craft kits like the Twistz Bandz Rainbow Loom, where kids can make rubber brand bracelets, are going to be big this year when gift giving season is in. You can also tack on accessories like refills for these types of kits and help the gift go farther than originally planned.

Does your child like to paint or draw? So many craft toys allow children to mix and match or create from scratch these days. This year, the Crayola Marker Maker will be a hit – it’s already on the bestseller list for drawing toys. Your child can dip the marker core into ink and absorb whatever color blends they want to.

Printing and stamping is always fun – especially if your child like to pretend they’re running an office or sending out lots of important things in the mail to friends and family. You can get a popular assortment of stamps, or themed ones, like the Ocean Life Stamps. Melissa & Doug have a really neat Stamp-a-Scene-Fairy Garden set where your child can create endless tales and perhaps craft a story to go with it!

My favorite place to shop for toys online is at  -  so many fun choices!

Wow – so many options for kids these days!  Wish they had half this stuff when I was growing up…..but I do remember how much fun the Play-Dough was back in those days!


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